Wellness Services

At Healing Arts North, PLLC, we offer safety, hope, and healing. We have outpatient therapy, coaching, training, and educational services that offer effective, high-quality, and evidence-based services for:

·     Individuals

·      Couples

·      Families

·      Groups

·      Employers/Coordinators


Serve all clients, offer discounted fees for clients who qualify, assist in navigating health insurance eligibility.

We will never deny services based on:

• Race• Color• Sex• Age• National Origin• Disability• Religion• Gender Identity• Sexual Orientation• Inability to Pay

We work with children, teens, young adults, adults, elders, and 0ur online mental health programming and services allow you to get the mental health care you need in a way that has never been more convenient. Connect to our providers using any device with internet access- phone, tablet, or computer.