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  • Cory Sarrault, Mentor/Coach

    Are you, or a young person you care for, stuck? Maybe lacking direction or struggling with decisions? I believe the answers we are looking for are already inside of us. Mentoring and coaching is simply a tool in the process of self-discovery. Unlike therapy, I am not here to look backward with you, or fix. I am here to partner with you in a way that helps you discover new insights and actions on your own terms.

    My care for my clients comes from a personal journey of hard-earned growth and struggles. Born with a disability and bullied because of it, I came through the early stages of life with a powerful sense of insecurity. With love and encouragement, I overcame those challenges and gained the courage to help others.
    I am a certified lay minister, mentor, and life coach, trained to offer spiritual and interpersonal coordinated care, on your terms.

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    What is Mentoring/Coaching and how is it different from Therapy?

    Mentors and coaches help clients of all ages work with a focus on identifying and moving towards personal and, at times, academic and/or professional goals.