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  • This is not my first blog post…

    …but it IS the first one I will publish. I’m overthinking the process a lot, as I do many things. This time, I decided to take you, the reader, along with me on that overthink journey.

    Do I want my blog to be super professional? Probably not, because I am not super professional.

    Do I want to share all of my thoughts with you? Nope. Not enough circles around the moon for that in any lifetime.

    Do I want to be raw and vulnerable with you? A little, maybe. But I will save the majority of that for my near and dear and my own therapist.

    Do I want to be real with you? Absolutely. That is the only way to be–honest, sincere, and open.

    So, stay tuned, and let’s see how this rolls.

    Talk soon and stay safe,